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Named Photographs: E - H

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Postcard of Emmie and Clara

Robert John Eden, 3rd Lord Eden, Bishop of Bath and Wells: Carte de Visite by Maria Budge, Wells, Somerset.  Inscribed on the reverse “Bishop Auckland Bath and Wells 1863.  0047

Edith: Postcard portrait inscribed "With love and Best Wishes for a Happy Christmas from Edith".  0048

Edna: Postcard portrait signed on front.  Farrar.  0049

Elcho, Mary: Cabinet Photograph by Whites, Ipswich.  Inscribed "Mary Elcho 86".  0050

Mary Elcho is believed to be Lady Elcho, wife of Lord Elcho (Hugo Richard Charteris, 11th Earl of Wemyss and 7th Earl of March).  Hugo Charteris was MP for Ipswich from 1886 - 1895.

Eliza and Rachel: Carte de Visite by Levitsky, 22 Rue de Choiseul, Paris.  Inscribed "From Eliza and Rachel, Dec 31st 1867".  0051

Emmie and Clara: Postcard.  Inscribed “To Alice From Emmie & Clara Wishing You a Merry Xmas & A Happy New Year.  0052

Enriquez, E: Cabinet Photograph by O Sarony, Sarony Square, Scarborough.  Inscribed on reverse "Believe me. Sincerely yours E Enriquez".  c1890.  0053

Enriquez, E, Madam: Cabinet Photograph by Mayall & Co, 164, New Bond Street, London W.  Inscribed "With Madam Enriquez best wishes to Pallie".  c1895.  0054

Ethel: Postcard.  Gordon Studios, 208 King’s Road, Chelsea, London SW.  Unused.  0055

Everest, Bob:  Postcard.  W E Harvey, Gosport.  Inscribed “Bob Everest ERAA” on reverse.  0056

Postcard of Frank and Elsie

Fagin, Pat: Postcard.  Inscribed "Pat Fagin, Springburn, Glasgow; Alex Muir, Alloa; Cecil Hewitt, Gloucester; Harry Knight; Harry Steed.  Military Road, Aldershot.  0057

Firth, S: Postcard portrait signed on front.  0058

Frank: Postcard portrait signed on reverse 24 April 1921.  0059

Frank and Elsie: Postcard portrait.  Inscribed "To Dear Sid: with love & very best wishes from Frank & Elsie for Xmas 1915".  Used 13 November 1915.  0060

This may be a photograph of Frank E S Kinch and Elsie Lowe who married in the Headington Registration District, Oxfordshire in 1915.

Carte de Visite of Lord Glamis

Gardner, Lucy Ann: Cabinet Photograph.  Inscribed "Grandma. Lucy Ann Gardner" on reverse.  0061

Gardner, Lucy Ann: Cabinet Photograph by Sharp of Hamilton.  c1895.  0062

George: Postcard portrait signed on front.  0063

George: Photograph by W H Jackson.  Inscribed on the reverse “To Bunchie Your ever loving George.  June 21st 1919. 0458

Gerard, Kate Jo: Small Cabinet Photograph. Inscription on reverse reads "Kate Jo. Gerard, Xmas 1904".  0064

Glad: Postcard portrait inscribed "With love, Glad" on reverse.  0065

Gladys: Cabinet Photograph.  Inscribed "Yours Sincerely, Gladys"  0066

Lord Glamis: Carte de Visite by C Hawkins, Brighton School of Photography, 38 Preston Street, in 1868.  0067

Godfree, J S: Postcard.  Hammer and Co, Adelaide.  Inscribed “J S Godfree” on reverse.  0068

Gregson, Mrs: Photographer unknown. Inscribed on reverse “Mrs Gregson,  Mother”.  0069

Greta: Postcard.  Inscribed on front “I look awful but if you must have it, your [sic} welcome.  Love Greta”.  0070

Gould, E: Cabinet Portrait by H G Chase, 325 Fawcett Road, Southsea.  Inscribed on the reverse “With my very best compliments.  April 1895.  E Gould”.  0473

Gwynne: Carte de Visite by J R Dowdall, Swansea.  Inscribed "My Mother, J. H. R." and "Née Gwynne" on reverse.  c1871.  0071

Photograph of Horace

Hague, F P: Postcard portrait with a reference to “Proverbs III 6” and signed on front.  0072

Hawk, Rita: Postcard.  Ye Olde McNeill’s, 184 Rundle Street, Adelaide.  Inscribed on reverse “Rita Hawk” and “Married Roy Abell”. 0073

Heard, Ada Mary: Carte de Visite by Godfrey Allen, 53 Chapel Road, Worthing.  Name inscribed on reverse together with date “May 1888”.  0074

This might be the Ada Mary Heard who was born in the March 1875 Quarter in Chelmsford, Essex and whose parents kept the Beehive Inn in Great Baddow.

Heighton, Francis Charles: Cabinet Portrait by Byrne and Co, Hill Street, Richmond.  Inscribed on the reverse “Francis Charles Heighton Aged 4 months.  Aunt Tilly.  0476

Helfs, Francis: Carte de Visite by S Carnell, Napier, New Zealand.  Two inscriptions on the reverse: "Francis Helfs taken about Feby. 1874 at Napier" and "Received in London 28 May /77 in a letter from Alf [remainder illegible]".  0075

Henry and Connie: Postcard backed photograph by T E Howe, Chatham.  Inscribed on front “With Love from Henry and Connie Xmas 1917”.  0076

Herbert and Lily: Postcard.  Inscribed on reverse “With best wishes from Herbert & Lily 26.7.30”.  0077

Hilda, Arthur, Tom and George: Postcard portrait.  0079

Hockley, Edward: Postcard.  Inscribed on reverse “Sapper Edward Hockley 14288193.  Husband of Gwendoline F R Hockley, 28 Magdalen Green, Thaxted, Essex.  0080

This has to be the Edward Hockley who married Gwendoline F R Dyer in Dunmow Registration District, Essex in the December Quarter of 1939.

Hogg, James: Carte de Visite by Paterson’s Photographic Co Ltd, 346 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow.  Inscribed “James Hogg 23rd Nov 94” on the reverse.  0462

Holland, Bertram Robert: Carte de Visite by Birtles of Northwich and Knutsford. c1876.  0081

Holland, Edward J: Carte de Visite by Birtles of Northwich and Knutsford.  c1876.  0082

Holmes, Mary: Cabinet Portrait by Martin and Callow of 416 Strand, London WC.  Inscribed on the reverse with her name and the date "July 1901".  0083

Holton, Florrie: Postcard portrait signed on reverse.  Emberson and Sons, London.  0084

Hoods, J C: Cabinet Portrait by China & Co of Agra, India.  Inscribed "Yours Very Sincerely J C Hoods 15/11/08" on reverse. The cap badge is that of the 15th King’s Hussars.  0085

Horace: Cabinet Portrait by Warwick Brookes, Manchester.  Probably 1920s. Inscribed "Oh Horrors from Horace" on the front.  0086

Houslop, Ellis L: Postcard portrait signed on front. Inscribed "With love and best wishes from your brother, Ellis" on reverse.  0087

Howes, Mildred Alice: Postcard portrait.  DRGM No 141826.  Inscribed "Mildred Alice Howes Aged One Year and Six Months" on reverse.  0088

This must be the Mildred Alice Howes who was born in Norwich in the September Quarter of 1906.  Mildred Alice Howes is believed to have lived at 11 Waldeck Road, Norwich in 1911.  Her  father , Henry, is believed to have been a domestic gardener.

Hughes, William John: Cabinet Portrait by W Croydon, 94 Cornwall Road, Westbourne Park.  Inscribed on the reverse “William John Hughes, aged 21.  Born 1863.  0475

Hutchinson, Isabel: Cabinet Portrait by H W Busbridge, 2 Carisbrook Villas, Vanbrugh Park, Blackheath.  Inscribed on reverse by Betty Rech "Isabel Hutchinson my aunt who was Lady Champion of Kent at tennis."  0089