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Named Photographs: J - N

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Carte de Visite of Rev Jones

Jones, J H: Postcard.  Unused.  0090

Jones, Rev: Carte de Visite by J F Long, Exeter.  Probably early 1860s.  Inscribed "Sincerely thine, Rev Jones" on the front.  0116

Julie: Postcard.  Hancock and Co, Sunderland and South Shields.  Message on reverse appears to be signed “Julie”.  0091

Katie: Carte de Visite by Robt H Preston, Penzance.  Inscribed on reverse “Katie - 1880 With Love”.  0092

Katie: Carte de Visite by Haynes, Kingsbridge, Devon.  Inscribed "Katie”  on the reverse. c1885.  0093

Keymer, Rev Nathaniel: Carte de Visite by Farran Brothers, Cambridge and Chatteris.  Inscribed on front “Rev N Keymer, Headmaster, CH [Christ’s Hospital], Hertford 1870” and on reverse “Rev Nathaniel Keymer”.  0094

Kitty: Postcard portrait by Miss M Kirton, Douglas, Isle of Man.  Signed on the front.  Used Xmas 1918.  0095

Carte de Visite of Isaac Leggett

Ladies of the 30s Club: Postcard portrait by J W Thompson, Skegness  0096

Laura: Carte de Visite bearing the printed name "Laura". No other clues to the subject's identity.  0097

Law, Alex: Postcard portrait inscribed on reverse "Alex Law, Blackpool".  0098

Leggett Family of Hanwell - Campbell, Sarah Ann: Carte de Visite of headstone.  Inscription on the headstone reads: "In Memory of Sarah Ann Campbell/The Beloved Mother of/Mr Isaac Leggett/Of this Parish/Who died April 10th 1863/Aged [unclear] years".  0099

Leggett Family of Hanwell - Leggett, Hannah: Carte de Visite by the Parisian Photographic Company.  Inscribed  "Miss Hannah Leggett, Hanwell, Middlesex" on the reverse. Probably Isaac Leggett's niece.  0100

Hannah Leggett is now believed to be a niece of Isaac Leggett, rather than his daughter as was first thought.

Leggett Family of Hanwell - Leggett, Isaac: Carte de Visite by A L Henderson taken in 1865/66.  Inscribed "Isaac Leggett Born November 24th 1825.  This likeness was taken in the 41st year of his Age.  To My Dear Son Frank.  In Remembrance of his loving Father."  0101

Lock, Annie: Postcard portrait sent to Mrs H Lock, Halstead, Essex, March 1918.  0102

Lucy: Postcard.  Inscribed on the front “With love from Lucy”.  0103

Lucy: Postcard by the Broad Street Studio.  Inscribed on reverse "To Uncle and Auntie With love from Lucy. Confirmed at Ottery St Mary Church By the Bishop of Crediton on March 6th /21 [1921] age 14 years.".  0104

Officers of SS Mereddis of Glasgow

Mabel: Postcard.  0106

“Aunt Eliza” MacDonald: Cabinet Portait by Johnstone O’Shannessy and Co, 3 Bourke Street East, Next the Post Office, Melbourne, Australia.  Inscribed on the reverse “”Aunt Eliza” Wife of Keith Macdonald (née Niblett)”.  0477

Eliza Mary Niblett married Keith Macdonald, Physician and Surgeon, in Edinburgh on 1 November 1872. We have a copy of the Marriage Certificate and a photograph of the memorial on their grave.

Mackay, N F: Cabinet Portrait by Elliott and Fry, 55 Baker Street, Portman Square, W.  Inscribed on reverse “N F Mackay, 1872”.  0478

M & F: Postcard.  Mora, Rundle Street, Adelaide.  Inscribed on reverse “I am sending you one of these awful looking things.”  0105

Marsh, Joan Alberta: Postcard.  Inscribed on reverse “Joan Alberta Marsh.  Age 6 weeks.”.  0107

Mason: Cabinet Portrait by A & G Taylor, 1 Baldwin Street, Bristol.  Inscribed "Mason" on the reverse.  0108

McQuarrie, Peter: Postcard.  Message on reverse reads ".......I am sending the card I have no doubt you will recognise me."  Postally used from Aldershot, 9 February 1909.  0109

Officers of SS Mereddis of Glasgow: Postcard postally used from Le Havre 15 August 1907.  0111

Mell: Cabinet Portrait by J G Christopher, Crewkerne and Yeovil.  Inscribed "Aunt Mell" on the reverse.  0110

Meyrick: Carte de Visite by Williams & Williams (branches in Bristol, Hereford, Shrewsbury, Cardiff, Newport, Bath, Swansea, and Pontypridd).  Negative No 77784.  Inscribed "Meyrick" on reverse.  0112

Mills, Louie: Carte de Visite by McElroy, Derby Road, Heaton Chapel.  Inscribed on reverse “To George, From, Yours affectionately, Louie Mills.  Mar 28th 96.  0113

Mim: Cabinet Portrait by The Studio, 88 Newgate Street, London EC.  Inscribed on the reverse "Marie with love from Mim".  0114

Cabinet Portrait of Nellie

Neddie and Arthur: Postcard.  Postally used 30 July 1914.  Inscribed on reverse “To Grannie With Love from Neddie & Arthur”.  0117

Nellie: Cabinet Portrait by Willis, Southend On Sea.  Inscriptions on reverse read "This is only a [sic] old one mother gave me because I burnt mine. If you will not be offended dear." and "Yours ever Nellie".  0118

Nellie and Fred: Nellie and Fred: Postcard.  Anonymous Photographer.  Inscribed on reverse “Best Wishes Evelyn & May.  May 22nd 1920” and “Nellie & Fred”.  0119

North, Brownlow: Carte de Visite by Caldesi Blanford & Co.  Ink inscription on the reverse reads "Brownlow North to Augusta [last word illegible]". 0120