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Named Photographs: O - S

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Postcard of Olive

Olive: Postcard inscribed on reverse "Olive aged 18".  0121

Orpheus Glee Society: Postcard.  0122

Overton, H: Cabinet Portrait by Harold Baker, Birmingham.  Inscribed "H Overton" on the reverse.  0123

Postcard of Alice Povey

Pape, Willie: Carte de Visite by Charles D Fredricks & Co, 587 Broadway, New York.  Inscribed on the front “Willie Pape”.  0465

Polly, Joe and Little Annie: Postcard used Xmas 1915.  0124

Povey, Alice: Postcard inscribed on reverse "Alice Povey".  0125

Proctor, Arthur: Postcard.  Moffitt, Accrington and Burnley.  Inscribed on reverse “Arthur Proctor”.  0126

Postcard of Rex

Range View Trio: Postcard.  Stump and Co, Adelaide.  Inscribed on reverse “Best Wishes to all at Malooe from the Range View Trio”. 0127

Reed or Reid, Miss: Carte de Visite by Lombardi and Company of Brighton.  Inscribed on the reverse "Miss Reed" [or Reid].  Late 1870s or early 1880s.  0128

Rex: Postcard.  Bears “Passed by Military Censor No 452” stamp on reverse but otherwise unused.  0129

Richardson, Captn: Carte de Visite by I Lee, 57 Church Street, Liverpool.  Inscribed on the front “The Farewell” and on the reverse “Captn Richardson.  0463

Ridgeon, Ernest: Postcard.  Blinko’s Library, Ramsgate.  0130

Ridgewell, H C: Postcard.  Signed on reverse.  0131

Robbs, Dr: Photograph.  Inscribed "Dr Robbs" on the reverse.  0132

Robinson Family: Carte de Visite by H Webster of Albert Terrace, Bayswater, London. Inscribed "Robinson" on the reverse.  0133

Rowe, L: Postcard.  Unused.  Inscribed "L Rowe" on reverse.  0134

Royds, Arthur, Jnr: Carte de Visite by Vandyke and Brown, Liverpool.  Inscribed on reverse “Arthur Royds Jnr”  0135

Rushworth, Gladys: Postcard.  Photograph by Windsor Studios, Huddersfield.  Inscribed on reverse “Gladys Rushworth on her fifteenth birthday.  October 18th 1917.  0136

This is most likely the Gladys Rushworth whose birth was registered in Halifax in the December Quarter of 1902

Russell, Winifred: Postcard.  Photograph by Avison & Co Photographers, York.  Inscribed on reverse “Winifred Russell.  0137

Rouse, Emma: Carte de Visite.  Inscription on reverse reads "Emma Rouse".  0138

Carte de Visite of Mrs Saville

Sam, Uncle: Postcard by Howard Wetchman, Gainsborough.  inscribed on reverse to Gracie and Albert 6 December 1913.  0139

Sanderson, Edith Frances: Carte de Visite by Jackson & Co, Southsea, Hampshire.  1875.  Inscription on reverse indicates that Edith Frances Sanderson was aged 12..  0140

This may be the Edith Sanderson whose birth was registered in Wetherby in the December 1873 Quarter.

Saville, Mrs:: Carte de Visite by Edgar, St John Street, Ashbourn.  Inscribed “Mrs Saville 1862” on reverse.  0141

Scott, Miss Dorothy Minto:  Postcard by Window and Grove.  0115

Scriven, George: Cabinet Portrait by Holly House Studios, 810 High Road, Tottenham, London N.  Inscription on reverse reads "Uncle George Scriven".  0143

Sid: Cabinet Portrait by Dora Studio, George Street, Brisbane, Australia.  Inscribed "With many happy wishes for Xmas x Sid bound for New Guinea G.E" on reverse.  0144

Sid?:  This Carte de Visite by an unknown photographer was in the same packet as that of Sid, above.  0145

Skidmore, Mrs: Postcard.  Inscribed "Mrs Skidmore" on reverse.  0146

Spratling, Mrs: Carte de Visite.  Inscription on reverse reads "Mrs Spratling".  0147

Squires, Nellie: Postcard inscribed "Nellie Squires" on reverse.  Gaunt and Son, Leicester.  0148

Squires, Nellie: Postcard.  Gale’s Studios Ltd, Leicester.  0149